Monday, November 17, 2008


The Singapore Challenge Series 2008/09 may be a newly launched event, yet, it is able to effectively attract their target market through use of traditional marketing mix (promotion) as well as the events marketing mix. No doubt, there is some negativity in some part of the marketing mix. However, the event producer is able to turn the tide by giving positive event experience through service bundling (combination of F&B and basketball match), acquiring many sponsorships as a form of prestige and positioning of the event, create conveniences at most of the contact points (ticket box office, human flow etc) as well as appropriate pricing strategies. All these are taken into account in the mind of the consumers and they are the determinant factors to which consumers will come again for the next similar event.

Although the event producer is targeting young Singaporean fans, families and expats living in Singapore as their main target market, indirectly, they are also attracting many foreigners from others parts of the countries to support their teams. All these will result in the incline of tourism receipts which will help generate revenue for the Singapore Economy.

Being a participant of this event, I would rate this event 4 out of 5 stars. It is worth the money.

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