Monday, November 17, 2008

Singapore Slingers and the Singapore Challenge Series 2008/09

The Singapore Slingers is the only professional indoor sports team in Singapore incorporated in March 2006. The basketball team hosts their games in the 11,000 seat Singapore Indoor Stadium, with the idea of targeting young Singaporean fans, families as well as expats living in Singapore through attractive promotions and affordable tickets pricing. The Singapore Slingers also co-operate with the Basketball Association of Singapore in the promotion of this sports through the Singapore Sports School.

Since the formation of the Singapore Slingers, the team has taken part in the Australian NBL for the past two seasons. However, in July of 2008, the board of Slingers decided to withdraw from the Australian league and become more Asian- based focus. Hence the Singapore Challenge Series was organized as part of the plan to promote basketball in Asia. Through the Singapore Challenge Series, the Slingers host teams throughout the Asian region. Teams from the Philippines, China, Indonesia, India and Australia will be coming to Singapore to play the Slingers in a series of International games. The Challenge series is an interim competition that will lead to the team playing in an ASEAN professional League.

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